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  • Video DeNoise for Adobe Premiere 2.4.5

    The filter for Adobe Premiere video editor does noise reduction for video transfer from analog (video cameras, VCRs and so on) and digital media (DVD,
  • Adobe Photoshop CS4 Video Tutorial 1.0

    Training Video for the most popular graphic editor in the world in Russian. 1.5 hours HD-quality video. We consider all possible versions of the new
  • Video Encoder for Adobe Flash 3.4

    Sothink is an exclusive and comprehensive Video Encoder compatible with Adobe Flash, it enables you to convert your video to flash files rapidly with
  • SWF to Video Converter-Adobe Recommend! 2.4 Build

    Perfectly converting Flash to Video with high graphic and voice quality, Sothink SWF to Video converter, officially recommended by Adobe Captivates
  • SWF to Video Converter-Adobe Recommend 2.4 Build 80312

    High quality converting Flash to Video! Perfectly converting Flash to Video with high graphic and voice quality, Sothink SWF to Video converter,
  • Sothink Video Encoder for Adobe Flash 3.4

    Sothink Video Encoder for Adobe Flash, also called Flash Video Encoder, is a feature-rich video to FLV Converter that converts any video to FLV and
  • Video Pilot Plugin for Adobe Premiere 1.21

    The handy Adobe Premiere Plug-in Video Pilot is used for improving the color balance of videos. This digital video program works without requiring any
  • Video Encoder Engine for Adobe Flash 3.4

    The major features of handy Sothink Video Encoder for Adobe Flash is as follow: t is used for converting all video formats to FLV and Flash SWF; it
  • Adobe Pixel Bender Plug-In for Adobe Photoshop CS5 2.3

    The Adobe?? Pixel Bender?? Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop?? CS5 supports image processing of Pixel Bender filters opened in Photoshop CS5. These filters
  • Adobe Security Patcher for Adobe Photoshop CS2 Mac 1.0

    This update addresses and resolves a security vulnerability that has been detected in Adobe Creative Suite 2, Adobe Photoshop CS2, and Adobe
  • Adobe Security Patcher for Adobe Photoshop CS2 1.0

    This update addresses and resolves a security vulnerability that has been detected in Adobe Creative Suite 2, Adobe Photoshop CS2, and Adobe
  • Portraiture Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.3

    Overview Portraiture is a Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture  plugin that eliminates the tedious manual labor of selective masking and
  • IQ training 1.1

    Train your intelligence with this powerful software based on neurophysiological mechanism called Backpropagation. Improve your IQ test score, memory
  • Training Day 1.0

    A rookie cop determined to arrest the thieves hidden on top of a building.So he got to get as high as possible without falling down. And kill all
  • Ear training 01 012

    You can play Ear training 01 game for learning ability of music notes. It is very easy to play; it will show you note and you will try your best to
  • DW Training EXE 1.0

    DW Training is an insurance training program developed by Dream Weavers under guidelines of IRDA.This software has been designed in a very user
  • CCS Training 4.0

    The CCS Training series is a powerful software product designed to track, schedule, and report on the training requirements, delinquencies,
  • Training Log Pro 2.0

    Whether you're a serious athlete or simply trying to exercise more, Training Log Pro attempts to organize and optimize your training in an effort to
  • Leadership Training 1.2

    Virtual Leader, using the SimuLearn Interpersonal Skills Engine, provides leadership training that leverages the true power of game-based learning.
  • Ear and Memory Training

    The software behaves like a professor of music. At the beginning of each exercise, the software plays a preview of the series of notes that you'll
  • TLS Brain Training 1.0.0

    Only the best new and classic puzzles: Easy to Learn, Tough to Master, Fun to Play! We entertain and challenge players with a mix of exciting new
  • Ear Training Play It By Ear HN 2.04

    A real computer game (with points and lives to win and lose, a Hi-Score list, etc.) that teaches you to recognize music notes by ear. Easy to
  • InstallShield Training 1.0

    InstallShield Training Note discusses the differences between the InstallScript, Basic MSI, and InstallScript MSI project types in
  • Project Training

    Enterprise-wide online scheduling software delivers appropriate details of training and touring activities within shorten time frame and budgets.
  • Staff Training

    Affordable staff training software is finest quality program that allows only primary user to change and view employee`s tour records and training
  • Dolce Ear Training 1.4

    Now students can easily learn that how to recognize rhythms, intervals, and chords with handy software tool Dolce Ear
  • Dog Training Guide 1

    The Dog Training Guide gives you all the information about Dogs behaviors. You can even use this program for training your dog
  • Baseball Training 1.0

    This is your chance to get some baseball training. You will find out how hard it is to hit that ball when you have a real pro on the other side. If
  • SBS Training Database 2.40

    Following functions are performed by incredible software program SBS Training Database: scanning and linking class rosters as well as certification
  • Training a Puppy 1.0

    Dog training articles. Find Dog training techniques. Learn to train your dog. System Requirements: Internet
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  • Adobe Icons 5 of 5 Windows -

    His is part five out of five. Includes : adobe Captivate, adobe Contribute, adobe Digital Editions, adobe Flash Player, adobe Flash Pro, adobe Flex, adobe Font Folio, adobe FrameMaker, adobe InDesign, adobe Lightroom,
  • Moyea Importer for Adobe Premiere

    Moyea Importer for adobe Premiere is the import plug-in for adobe Premiere Pro users and lovers who want to import FLV, VOB, AVCHD video (MTS, M2TS), MPG, RM, RMVB, MKV, TiVo to adobe Premiere for editing and composing
  • FLV Importer Pro for Adobe Premiere Pro

    FLV Importer Pro for adobe Premiere is a plug-in program to make FLV (*.flv) files accessible to adobe Premiere! It enables users to import Flash videos to adobe Premiere directly for video editing and re-composing.
  • Adobe Icons 4 of 5 Windows -

    This is part four out of five. Includes : adobe AIR, adobe Audition, adobe Fireworks, adobe GoLive, adobe InCopy, adobe Photoshop Elements and adobe
  • FLV Importer for Adobe Premiere 1.0

    Moyea FLV Importer is a very easy-to-use yet professional software tool. It acts as a plug-in for adobe Premiere to import flash video(flv). With it, you can use adobe Premiere to process and edit flv files along with
  • ViviClip Video Filters Basic 3.01

    ViviClip video Filters 3 Basic is a plug-in for adobe Premiere, adobe Premiere Pro and adobe After Effects that allows to enhance and legalize video clips independently of the editor used to Assemble them. The software
  • FLV Importer Pro for Adobe Premiere

    FLV Importer Pro for adobe Premiere is a useful plug-in that makes FLV files to run on adobe Premiere. It is very important tool for video editing and re composing. It avoids the time consuming and data loss process of
  • Employee Training Manager 2011.5.17.01

    Employee training Manager 2011.5.17.01 is developed to be an essential program which allows you to simplify your employee training management. Track the complete training history for each your employees. Employee
  • Sothink Flash Video Converter Suite 6.0

    Sothink Flash video Converter Suite, including video Encoder for adobe Flash (Flash video Encoder) and SWF to video Converter, converts video to flash and flash to video all-in-one easily fast. Sothink video Encoder for
  • RED EPIC Importer Preview 1

    RED provides a state-of-the-art digital video camera for the high-end professional video market (the RED ePic). In order to import and manipulate footage from the RED EPIC camera into adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5, adobe
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop 0.7

    With the adobe Creative Cloud desktop plug-ins, you can create files in your adobe Touch Apps and then edit them in adobe Creative Suite.This plugin is free and includes the adobe PS Touch (.psdx) plug-in for adobe
  • SVG Kit for Adobe Creative Suite 1.0.3

    Scand Ltd offers flexible solutions and extensions based on adobe Creative Suite, beginning from CS and ending with CS5.There is a wide experience in plug-in development for adobe InDesign, adobe Photoshop, adobe
  • APKF 1. 6. 2005

    APKF Product Key Finder is adobe Creative Suite CS3, cs4 and CS5 Key Finder. The software automatically searches your computer for the product keys and serial numbers that your software programs store in the registry or
  • Adobe Encore CS4

    With adobe Encore cs4 you can import assets, create timelines, and link objects. Output video to DVD, Flash, and Blu-ray using the Build panel. Features: ??? Integration with adobe Resource Central, the online store
  • Adobe AIR SDK 3.8

    The adobe AIR SDK provides the tools necessary to build and deploy adobe AIR applications, including: Schema and Template for the application.xml MANIFEST file Default icons for adobe AIR application Framework for
  • Adobe Reader SpeedUp 1.36

    With the help of adobe Reader Speed-Up, you can instantly launch the adobe Reader because it disables all the least used plug-ins. You can use it for increasing the speed of adobe Acrobat 3.0 as well as 4.0, adobeecause
  • Good ear music training 10

    Good Ear training - Online Ear training Site. Good Ear training - Online Ear training Site. This free ear training site helps you to develop good ears. Exercises: Intervals, Scales, Chords Music students should know
  • Mipsis Training Management Software 3.0

    You will need training Management Software to organize and manage your corporate employee training. The training is required by each person whose work affects product or service quality. training includes not only
  • XeMoviePlayer 3.05

    A useful adobe AIR utility for vieweing flv, mp4, mov or 3gp files XeMoviePlayer is a useful application created to help you view a variety of video formats.System requirements:- adobe
  • Adobe Story 1.0.1142

    adobe® Story is an online service that helps you efficiently create scripts or outlines that serve as blueprints for your video projects. adobe Story integrates seamlessly with adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5.Main features:-
  • Housebreaking Your Dogs and Puppies 1.0

    Get Proven, Step-By-Step Guidelines to Potty training Puppies. Learn All About Crate training, Paper training, LitterBox training, handling Behavioral and Health problems that lead to housetraining challenges in dogs.
  • APKF MAC Product Key Finder 1.0.1

    APKF MAC is CS3 ,cs4 and CS5 product key finder APKF MAC is CS3,cs4 and CS5 product key finder. The software automatically searches your computer for the product keys and serial numbers that your software programs
  • uCertify - 9A0-044 ADOBE ACE Photoshop CS2 8.02.05

    uCertify - 9A0-044 adobe ACE Photoshop CS2 8.02.05 is a software allowing you to learn, which can keep track of your progress, identify areas for improvements and give the actual exam. adobes 9A0-044 test validates your
  • CCS Training 4.0

    The CCS training series is a powerful software product designed to track, schedule, and report on the training requirements, delinquencies, completion's, qualifications and refreshers for any group of individuals.
  • PSG FLV Image Capture

    PSG FLV Image Capture is a simple to use video still frame capturing software designed to help you extract video screen frame from normal adobe Flash video (*.flv, *.f4v, *.f4p) and HD video (*.mp4, *.m4v, *.mov) which
  • Training Manager Enterprise Edition 1.0.1086

    training Manager Enterprise Edition 1.0.1086 offers an effective tool which helps you to track your training records, requirements and compliance with training Manager 2008. Print personnel transcripts and status
  • Training Manager 2010 Enterprise Edition 1.0.1106

    training Manager 2010 Enterprise Edition 1.0.1106offers a useful and convenient-to-use software to track your training records, requirements and compliance with training Manager 2008. Print personnel transcripts and
  • Ear online music training 005

    Сcollege of music ear training program is a freeware and shareware wonderful game for training you music notes ability. It has a list of ear training resources used by the school with online examples and reference
  • Kahlown SCVR 5.0

    Screen Capture and video recording software. Record smooth video for training and presentations. Sync audio video lag in video files. - Record screen video - Record training videos - Create presentation videos -
  • Video2Flash SDK 1.0

    conaito video2Flash SDK - video? Anywhere! Powerful and rapid video to Flash converting engine for your applications and Websites The video-to-Flash Software Development Kit (SDK) provides you a powerful and rapid