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  • Adobe Captivate Reviewer 1.0

    adobe Captivate reviewer is an adobe AIR application, which allows anyone to Review and comment on Captivate 4 projects. reviewer don???t have to have adobe Captivate on their systems, and since adobe AIR is available
  • Emil's PDF Reviewer 0.2

    Emil's PDF reviewer is a free tool that allows you to add comments to PDF files and share them with your colleagues. It is perfect for reviewing business documents and academic papers.Main Features: - Add comments to
  • Electric Image file format 3.6f1

    EIFormat reads and writes 1, 4, 8, and 24 bit depths including ALPHA channels. The plugin also reads .EIZ ElectricImage Z-buffer depth files (preview of multi-Frame EIZ files is not yet implemented). It was produced
  • AV Bros. Page Curl for Mac OS X 2.0

    Cool and easy turning page Photoshop plugin. AV Bros. Page Curl 2.0 is a high quality, powerful and easy-to-use Photoshop plugin. (Photoshop plugin (also known as Photoshop plug-in) means the filter plugin (8bf) for
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop 0.7

    With the adobe Creative Cloud desktop plug-ins, you can create files in your adobe Touch Apps and then edit them in adobe Creative Suite.This plugin is free and includes the adobe PS Touch (.psdx) plug-in for adobe
  • Nero MPEG-4 filter 0.0.3

    Nero MPEG-4 filter is a CoolEdit/adobe Audition plugin that when users who uses the Nero AAC plugin to enable AAC encoding and decoding in CooEdit or adobe Audition. This plug-in is small, free and easy to
  • Adobe Icons 5 of 5 Windows -

    His is part five out of five. Includes : adobe Captivate, adobe Contribute, adobe Digital Editions, adobe Flash Player, adobe Flash Pro, adobe Flex, adobe Font Folio, adobe FrameMaker, adobe InDesign, adobe Lightroom,
  • AV Bros. Puzzle Pro for Mac OS X 3.1

    Best jigsaw puzzles' maker Photoshop plugin. AV Bros. Puzzle Pro 3.0 is an extremely powerful and flexible Photoshop plugin (Photoshop plugin means the filter plugin (8bf) for adobe Photoshop and compatible hosts,
  • Amazon Reviewer Analysis Tool 3.5

    Amazon reviewer Analysis Tool a free utility for persons interested in statistics related to Amazon reviewer profiles.ARAT is an application that gathers information associated with an account.Main Features:-
  • Photomizer Photoshop Plugin

    Photomizer Photoshop plugin is a plugin version of the image optimization program. It will work with adobe Photoshop Elements and adobe Photoshop compatible products like Paintshop Pro, Corel Photo Paint or Corel Draw,
  • Sonalksis Plug-Ins for Windows 3.0

    All Sonalksis plug-ins are downloaded and installed via our 'plugin Manager' application. Our plugin manager simpifies the experience of installing, authorising and updating your plugins, as well as allowing you to
  • NeoBookPDF 1.1

    NeoBookPDF is a very useful plugin. You can use this plugin to display adobe Acrobat Reader PDF documents inside your NeoBook applications. Acrobat Reader must be installed in order to use this plugin. It works fast and
  • Adobe Community Helper 1.0.2

    This is a simple plugin that allows you to search adobe's Community resources. This includes all documentation to all adobe products. Simply click the A and type in what you are looking for. Please let me know what you
  • Moyea Importer for Adobe Premiere

    Moyea Importer for adobe Premiere is the import plug-in for adobe Premiere Pro users and lovers who want to import FLV, VOB, AVCHD video (MTS, M2TS), MPG, RM, RMVB, MKV, TiVo to adobe Premiere for editing and composing
  • AutoUP 2.3.1

    AutoUP is an easy to use application that allows you to scan the software installed in your computer and verify if there are available updates online. It is a tool to scan installed softwares on your pc and check if
  • TVCatchup MCE Plugin 2.1.1

    This plugin allows you to use Microsoft Media Center (2005 / Vista / Windows 7) to watch Live UK TV channels. For a full list please vist the TVC Channels Page. This plugin will only work for UK based broadband
  • RB Plugin Plunger 3.5

    RB plugin Plunger can handle old and new style plugin formats, and will list the properties, methods, events, constants, interfaces, and modules, a plugin defines. When starting up RB plugin Plunger for the first time
  • ApSIC Comparator

    ApSIC Comparator is a freeware tool that allows you to create side-by-side reports with all the changes made to a translation by a reviewer. These comparison reports can be used both to evaluate the quality of the
  • Adobe Icons 4 of 5 Windows -

    This is part four out of five. Includes : adobe AIR, adobe Audition, adobe Fireworks, adobe GoLive, adobe InCopy, adobe Photoshop Elements and adobe

    plugin implements a debugger in MPLAB which allows VBB to be used as a target much like an ICD2 or ICD3. This is a standalone installer for MPLAB plugin. Notes: The plugin uses sockets to make the connection to VBB so
  • GlobeTorch Downloader addon for site 2.0b

    GlobeTorch downloader helps you to download video, clips, Movie, files, games from websites in One Click. In our opinion this is the most interesting and very useful plugin Installation instructions: 1. download
  • LotRO Plugin Assistant 1.0

    The purpose of the LotR:O plugin Assistant is to simplify the installation and management of LotR:O plugins. It???s designed to accommodate users with no prior experience with plugins. The primary goal of the program is
  • Photofont Start 2.0

    Photofont Start is a free plugin that allows the use of photofonts in adobe Photoshop and compatible applications for Mac OS and Windows. Photofont is an exciting new technology that allows you to create and use
  • HomeScreenBuilder 2.91

    Smartphone Homescreen builder is a free WYSIWYG PC application for creating homescreens for windows smartphones (Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0), completely removing the need to understand the xml. It supports the standard
  • APKF MAC Product Key Finder 1.0.1

    APKF MAC is CS3 ,CS4 and CS5 product key finder APKF MAC is CS3,CS4 and CS5 product key finder. The software automatically searches your computer for the product keys and serial numbers that your software programs
  • Plugin Manager 2.1

    plugin Manager helps you can take controll over all installed plugins. Stop this overloaded, crippled or even disappeared menu entries. plugin Manager is a unique tool for managing plugins of adobe Photoshop, Premiere
  • Kindle Plugin for Adobe InDesign 0.92 Beta

    Kindle plugin for adobe InDesign is a plug-in which can be used to convert documents or books created in adobe InDesign to Kindle
  • Topaz Simplify 3.0.2

    A Photoshop plugin that will help you stylize your photos. A Photoshop plugin that will help you stylize your photos. Topaz Simplify is an easy-to-use Photoshop plugin that will help you turn any regular photo into
  • U-Sign PDF 2.0

    ipsCA has developed a digital signature plugin based in certificate technology for adobe? Acrobat? 5.0 software. The plugin extends adobe Acrobat digital signature capabilities, making electronic documents legally
  • Rudolfs Black and White Works 1.1

    Rudolf's Black and White Works is a free to use Photoshop plugin, that makes conversion from color to BW photography producing astonishing results. plugin is in 8bf format, so you can use it in most popular graphics