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  • Adobe Reader SpeedUp 1.36

    With the help of adobe reader Speed-Up, you can instantly launch the adobe reader because it disables all the least used plug-ins. You can use it for increasing the speed of adobe Acrobat 3.0 as well as 4.0, adobeecause
  • Portable Adobe Reader Lite 9.0.0

    Portable version of adobe reader Lite This is the portable version of adobe reader Lite The bloat-free version of the popular PDF viewer, adobe reader, has turned portable. All the functionality and lightness of
  • Adobe Acrobat eBook Reader 10.1

    adobe® reader® is the tool for opening and using adobe PDFs that are created in adobe Acrobat®. Although you can't create PDFs in reader, you can use reader to view, print, and manage PDFs. After opening a PDF in reader,
  • Adobe Reader Speed-Up 1.36

    adobe reader SpeedUp is a simple application that was created to help make the loading time of adobe's Acrobat/reader software bearable for everyday use. AR SpeedUp only needs to be used once (a process taking only a few
  • PDF Reader Converter 1.2.1

    PDF reader Converter is tools remove DRM protection from adobe LiveCycle Policy Server for PDF file,it create a new non-DRM PDF file with 1-click, the new PDF file can read in Windows,Mac without limitation, user also
  • Flip PDF Reader 1.0

    Flip PDF reader is a free PDF document viewer, with incredible small size, breezing-fast launch speed and rich feature set. Replace the standard adobe PDF reader with the cool flip book. Flip PDF reader allows you to
  • PDF MailTo Vulnerability Fix Tool 1.0

    Automate the workaround for the critical adobe Security Vulnerability. Vulnerability Details There is a critical security vulnerability that affects adobe Acrobat and adobe reader, versions 8.1 and below. For more
  • MajorWare Pdf To PowerPoint Converter 4.0

    MajorWare PDF to PowerPoint Converter is a professional PDF conversion application for PDF (incl. adobe Acrobat, adobe reader) and Microsoft® PowerPoint users. The PDF to PowerPoint Converter can load a batch of PDF
  • PDF SpeedUp 2.01

    PDF SpeedUp enables you to significantly speed up the time it takes to load adobe reader. If you notice that when the reader starts it loads many plug-ins which you may or may not need, this program simply disables the
  • PDFSign 2.0

    PDFSign is a stand-alone, fully automatic software application that can append digital signature to PDF documents. To sign PDF documents simply select the PDF file or folder with PDF files, select Digital ID file and
  • Haihaisoft Multimedia PDF Reader

    Haihaisoft Multimedia PDF reader is a free PDF reader based-on adobe reader for reading DRM-X protected interactive PDF files, such as PDF embeded with Flash, Audio/Video. Haihaisoft Multimedia PDF reader supports
  • Perfect PDF Reader 5.5

    Perfect PDF reader is a good alternative for adobe reader, it has also some more functions. You can export pages from PDF file as the images (BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, Metafile) with different resolution. There is a
  • Adobe Customization Wizard 8

    adobe Customization Wizard 8 helps the users to use adobe Acrobat/reader 8 professionally. It let you customize the features of Acrobat according to your needs before you use it. It has graphical interface. While using
  • iStonsoft PDF to Text Converter 2.1.0

    To enjoy PDF files without the help of adobe Acrobat or adobe reader software, you can try our recommended PDF to Text Converter, which is professional to help you conveniently convert PDF to Txt format with perfect
  • Adobe Reader 9 Spelling Dictionary Pack 9

    You can use incredible adobe reader 9 Spelling Dictionary Pack for performing spell checks on form fields and comments. It supports all adobe reader versions and supports 32 languages as well as language variations and
  • Adobe Acrobat X SDK 10

    The SDK contains header files, type libraries, simple utilities, sample code, and documentation. Using the Acrobat SDK, you can develop software that integrates with Acrobat and adobe reader in several ways: ??
  • Adobe Reader for Palm OS 3.05

    adobe reader for Palm OS conveniently reflows adobe PDF text to fit and be easily read on small screens, while preserving graphics and images. adobe reader for Palm OS includes two components that work together: The
  • Adobe Acrobat Portfolio SDK 1.0

    Welcome to the adobe?? Acrobat?? Portfolio SDK. Acrobat Portfolio SDK provides new developer tools to build PDF Portfolio layouts (navigators) using adobe Flash?? Builder??? and adobe Flash professional environments.
  • CZ-Pdf2Txt Simple for acrobat reader 1.0

    CZ-Pdf2Txt Simple for acrobat reader is a pdf converter that convert pdf to text, support free adobe acrobat reader, no longer need full function adobe acrobat.
  • CZ-Pdf2Txt for acrobat reader 1.0

    CZ-Pdf2Txt for acrobat reader is a batch pdf converter that convert pdf to text, support free adobe acrobat reader, no longer need full function adobe acrobat.
  • Adobe Icons 5 of 5 Windows -

    His is part five out of five. Includes : adobe Captivate, adobe Contribute, adobe Digital Editions, adobe Flash Player, adobe Flash Pro, adobe Flex, adobe Font Folio, adobe FrameMaker, adobe InDesign, adobe Lightroom,
  • soft Xpansion Perfect PDF Premium 7.2

    Perfect PDF Premium is a comprehensive reader, creator, and editor of PDF documents which covers most of the functionality present in both adobe reader and adobe Acrobat. It offers you the possibility of creating new PDF
  • Close Adobe Reader

    The version 8 of adobe reader has changed its behavior when used as a command line tool to print PDF documents. It will no longer close itself after being called with the /t switch. This tool will help you close the
  • Flipping PDF Reader 1

    Replace the standard adobe PDF reader with the nice flip book. The Flipping PDF reader allows to read PDF documents in user friendly interface with flipping book effect. Good looking and convenient alternative for adobe
  • VeryDOC PDF Reader OCX Control 2.0

    VeryDOC PDF reader OCX Control (ActiveX) provides a PDF file viewer component, enabling developers to add PDF viewing capability to their applications. PDF reader OCX is an ActiveX component which enables your
  • PDForsell 1.06 Beta

    A PDF format is Now become a common file format, adobe reader is installed if you can view PDF files. adobe reader can not edit a PDF file. adobe Acrobat can be paid if the purchase, so it's expensive. The PDForsell
  • FileOpen Plug-in for Adobe 1.0

    FileOpen Systems provides plugins for adobe Acrobat and adobe reader. These plugins perform decryption of PDF files encrypted using our software. The plugins are available for several platforms and may be installed in a
  • ICE Book Reader Professional 9.1.0

    ICE Book reader professional is the ultimate e-book reader. It is also possible to use ICE Book reader professional as a teleprompter. ICE Book reader professional is the first alternative e-book reader which includes
  • SparkPDF 1.9

    SparkPDF is a free program to read adobe PDF files and documents. With features like bookmarks and built-in search, SparkPDF is both simple to use and full of features for demanding users. SparkPDF is built to read PDF
  • Japanese Fonts Support For Adobe Reader X 10.0

    adobe reader X Font Packs enable you to display and interact with documents authored in languages other than those supported in your native adobe reader software. They are needed to correctly display a document when an